Why this topic?

I was able to cure my collagenous colitis (CC) and discontinue treatment.

We will see how CC can have a rapid onset which can resolve or carry on indefinitely. Studies show that if a section of gut is surgically bypassed it recovers but CC returns when the bypass is reversed. Similarly, the gut recovers when treated with corticosteroids but again CC returns after treatment is stopped. CC may develop after an insult (e.g. use of NSAIDs) but the gut does not recover after the insult is removed.

A healthy person develops CC and once ‘switched on’ it stays on even if the original insult is removed. This is analogous to a ‘state change’ as seen in engineering, for example in computer switches or in servo mechanisms where a small input has a large effect. If this switch mechanism could be identified we might be able to switch it off and find a cure, at least for some patients. This is the model I used.

How is collagenous colitis treated?