Fibromyalgia (FMS)

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition of widespread pain and profound fatigue. There’s a very strong association between IBS and fibromyalgia along with evidence demonstrating many cases of fibromyalgia are due to undiagnosed hypothyroidism. It is in these contexts that fibromyalgia is discussed. Fibromyalgia has a similar hyperalgesia to chronic pain as IBS. This will be related to magnesium deficiency. Fibromyalgia is associated with the alpha delta sleep anomaly where patients have reduced deep sleep. Fibromyalgia patients have lower growth hormone (GH) levels, GH is needed to promote the repair of daily microtrauma. We will also look at the links between hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia including the work of the late Dr John Lowe.

This topic is delayed and will be completed in the summer of 2020.